Universal Brotherhood & Peace

NIFAA initiated various projects and activities to promote people to people relations between citizens of different countries. The aim of such initiatives was to enhance International understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among people of different countries and diverse cultures. Regular socio-cultural exchange programmes are being conducted with Japan, Mauritius, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia and other countries. In addition NIFAA’s delegations also took part in many events held in above countries and United States of America, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom organized by International level organizations like United Nation, Japan International Cooperation Agency, International AIDS Society, Ministry of Art and Culture of Mauritius, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin etc.

NIFAA's activities got recognition globally and many prominent dignitaries on the invitation of NIFAA chairman graced its event which includes the President and Prime Minster, Vice Prime Ministers, Ministers, Ambassadors, celebrities and artists of other countries.

NIFAA believes that although there are many ways to promote peace in the world but best way is to promote people to people relations between natives of different countries because "A whole lot of world problems would be solved if we realised that people from other countries are just like us." NIFAA is trying to encourage long term peace through its youth cultural and social exchange programmes, performances based on the theme of peace and other activities.

A Guinness Book of World Record Attempt
International Blood & Plasma Donation Awareness Campaign

01 Nation | 28 States | 08 Union Territories | 1500 Venues | 90000 Blood Units in a Single Day

23rd March, 2021