International Cultural Exchange

In a small city like Karnal, people never expected that they would have the philosophy of art and culture from all over India and abroad. Before the establishment of NIFAA in the year 2000, hardly any such event would have happened in Karnal, in which artists and foreign artists from all over the country gave their presentations. Cultural exchange programs are very important for world brotherhood. In Karnal, this initiative was taken by Pritpal Singh Pannu chairman NIFAA in the year 2005 when artists from Japan performed on Japanese instruments at his invitation.

This first effort was so successful and people gave so much support and love that after that one after the other group of foreign artists came on the invitation of NIFAA to Karnal which included Japan, Russia, USA, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Fiji, England, Mauritius, Malaysia, Sri Lanka etc. In the year 2007, he started the National Cultural Festival in the name of Harmony which later changed into the International Youth and Cultural Festival. These programs were not limited to only Karnal and Haryana, but due to the efforts of NIFAA, international cultural exchanges were organized in other parts of the country like Tripura, West Bengal, Punjab, Delhi, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh etc.

Where NIFAA invited artists from many countries to India so that the people of the country get to know about foreign art and culture and at the same time cultural harmony is maintained at the same time he also gave numerous opportunities to young artists of the country to perform in foreign land. Through NIFAA many Indian Cultural groups including from remote rurals areas got chance to showcase India's great art and culture in Japan, Mauritius, Malaysia, England, USA and other countries. Along with participating in cultural exchange programs, he organized cultural programs abroad and in these programs, Prime Minister of Mauritius, Chief Minister of Haryana, Ambassadors of India to those countries, Ministers of other countries and Enlightened celebrities of society also joined.

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