Showing Unity of National in its Diversity & International Cultural Extravaganza

Art has no boundaries. Since 2007, The International cultural festival Harmony has been fostering friendly relations and understanding between Indian Artists and International Artists community. This annual cultural festival started by NIFAA has proved to be arguably the most popular festival in Karnal attracting up to 1,00,000 visitors each year. In the year 2018 it first time it was organized out of Karnal in Tripura State of North East India. In harmony festival, in addition to helping blossom the careers of artists and art communities, important socio-cultural issues are bring to the forefront using this event as opportunities to participate in development of the country and promote national integration. In all 9 days of Harmony, NIFAA built an international youth community of committed youth to discover who they are and what incredible change they can create. The Harmony festival is designed to strengthen the role of young people play as community and world leaders. Harmony plays a vital role to channelize, enthusiasm, idealism in a proper way.

Promotion of National Integration

National Integration means the unity of the nation. It has been rightly said, “United we stand divided we fall”. India is a country where people of different castes, color, and creeds live together. Various narrow considerations like communalism, regionalism, casteism and linguism seems to rule the country. Therefore, the national integration, has become the most urgent need of the hour.

“Don't ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Keeping in mind this famous quote of John F. Kennedy, president of United States of America, NIFAA is playing an important role to maintain communal harmony in the country. He organized number of residential National Integration camps, seminars, discussions, informal and formal meetings, debates, lectures, essay writings and other competitions to foster the message of love and unity. A unique programme is home stay in which He invites young social workers and artists from various parts of the country to stay with young host's families at their home. This not only gives them a chance to learn about a different culture and tradition of the country but also strengthens the bonding between two different cultures of one nation.

Organized many Tiranga Yatras to promote Patriotism among youth

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Jagriti Yatra to remember great Heros

National Integration Rally to promote National Integration

Organized North East Sadhbhawna Yatra to promote integration among north east states

Participation with young team in Rashtra Katha Shivir held in Paransla, Rajkot, Gujarat

With young artists of Assam during One India Ride

Organized a programme on Kargil Diwas in collaboration with Indian Army

A Guinness Book of World Record Attempt
International Blood & Plasma Donation Awareness Campaign

01 Nation | 28 States | 08 Union Territories | 1500 Venues | 90000 Blood Units in a Single Day

23rd March, 2021